Yes, I have a tattoo.

Just me, Kay


This is my tattoo. The first of many tattoos that I would like to have. And I have it for a reason. And every tattoo that I have planned has a reason behind it. I also have a facial piercing. That has a reason behind it too. And I plan to get more of those.

The reason behind my piercing is simple. I like it. I wanted it, I got it, I think it looks great, and that is my opinion. Not to mention, it’s my face.

This is not a post that says ‘it’s my body and I’ll do what I like with it.’ This post will undoubtedly convey that, but that’s not the aim of this post. The aim of this post is to, in a very small way, confront the prejudice that we see in society all of the time. 

I am not an angry person. I…

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