Body Like A Canvas

Emily Fife's Stories

His body is like a treasure map. Where he has been, whom he knows, what he feels is engraved on his skin. His life is announced to anyone who takes a look at him and he doesn’t mind.

At 29 years old, Mikey Lo is tattooing for a living. He is a known tattoo artist in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Downers Grove. You can request Mikey Lo at Skin Gallery on Ogden Avenue. Most of the tattoos he does have a street art edge to them. His tattoos are vibrant with colors and larger than your hand. He was wearing a short sleeve black shirt, allowing all tattoos on his arms, hands, and neck to be seen. The first tattoo I noticed was his the grenade at the location of his Adam’s apple. When asked why he chose the grenade, he responded, “I wanted people to know I was…

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